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Friday, May 16, 2008

Dance Recital Weekend

and the stress level is climbing by the minute. I have my "to do" list from Amanda for things that have to be done by noon. I have 2 pairs of tights in the washer that have to be delivered at noon, and I have to pack her bag. She is so lucky to have me - I must make a note to self to tell her!!
Knitting a hat to go to Russian Children's home. want to start a shawl, so will have to buy some longer circular needles when I am at Michaels today. I ordered some more Harmony needles today, and cannot wait for them to get here.
Also, going to sign lease or new house - well not new, but new to us! And dress rehersal is at 6 pm, but I have to run by Walmart to get bobby pins and TP. And then tomorrow we get to go to 2 recitals and 2 weddings!! No knitting group for Mama!!
I just have one little question - what is a weekend?
Amanda is going to Six Flags Sunday, so hopefully I will be able to go to church and bum around that afternoon.
I am still working on the oven hanger too, and I will get that done someday! I love it and don't want to put it away. I also need to start on placemats, but have to finish the oven hanger first to get the needles...or I could get some more when I am Michaels...hmmmmm!

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