2 of my kids and me

Friday, March 7, 2008


I have finished the baby blanket - now all I have to do is figure out how to take the pictures off of my phone and get them into flicker so I can post them in Ravelry!! and here. Now I am knitting hats for two of the most precious babies, Ella and Elijah. They are twins and they are so cute and so bald!!! They are so blessed to be the son and daughter of Brandi and Clay, and little brother and sister of Evan, who loves them so very much! I so blessed to be able to know this precious family! And I consider it a privilege to be able to knit for these babies!
Other things - knitting group continues to help me stay sane ~ I so look forward to Saturday mornings. This is a priority in my week and I tend to work other activities around the 2 hours I spend with knitting friends on Saturday mornings!!
Spring in Ga - almost 70 yesterday - rain today (Thank You, Lord!!!) - and low 40's and a chance of snow tomorrow ~ gotta love it! And then we always remember the Blizzard of '93 and are so very thankful that we have not had a repeat - but then again, it's only the 7th of March!!


Cronitty lady said...

I can't wait to see your finished project and hats you make for twins.

Clay and Brandi said...

Okay, found your blog after you posted on ours and I'm so touched by what you said about our family. The babies looked so stinking cute in the hats...I'll try to get pictures of them in their hats posted on the blog soon. Evan has practice this weekend so they will certainly be needed at City Pond!
Thanks and LOVE,