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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


and an easy day it promises to be. Hopefully I will be able to get caught up on paperwork this afternoon!
I knitted the hats for the twins and gave them to Brandi on Sunday. She seemed pleased. We talked about getting the knitting group to knit hats, booties, etc., to the children's home in Russia so that those babies can be warm! The knitting group needs someone to knit for, and this is a great cause!
I am going to be doing some washcloths for another friend at church and, of course, more for ned granddaughter. I can't wait until she comes! I already love her!!
I had a little time and money yesterday, so I treated myself to a new Yarn Harlot book (not new to her but new to me!) I got Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off, and of course had a hard time putting it down to go to sleep last night!! So I am a little sleepy this morning - more coffee is necessary! YARN HARLOT ROCKS!!!!
I love her books!! I now have 3!!
Time to begin the day!

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Clay and Brandi said...

You are so right...I was pleased and oh so touched! They are so special to us and will be treasured forever! I love homemade gifts, they are the best kind! My great-grandmother used to knit for us, which makes the hats even more special to me. I remember her knitting hats for my baby dolls. I can just see her sitting on the phone and knitting with Jesus right now! ha ha

I talked to our social worker again and she is so excited (as am I) about the group knitting items for the baby home.

Can't wait for the booties!
Love ya,