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Friday, June 13, 2008

Long time no post

because we do not have internet yet! But that will come.
We still have boxes everywhere - especially in my room. I have no chest of drawers, so I am living out of the boxes so to speak.

I also need a cabinet for my yarn stash - which seems to multiply monthly!! Now how does that happen? Hmmm - - - they say it's an addiction ~ I agree, but I also think that it is one of the better addictions!! At least I can make something out of it. I have gotten into cotton - PeachesNCreme, which is the absolute softest yarn ever. And the colors are the most beautiful colors I have ever seen. Love knitting with it.

Baltimore was hot - we stayed in the hotel except for going out to eat 2 nights and looking out the windows of the van! I saw townhouses that were like little row houses that I fell in love with. Saw Camden Yards and the Aquarium and some of the inner harbor. It is beautiful - I want to go back and be a tourist!! Monday night we ate at "Mama's On the Half Shell" which was great - artichoke and crab dip that was to die for!
Tuesday night we went to "La Scala", an awesome Italian restaurant where the veal was so tender that you could cut it with a fork, and the tiramisu ways to die for! The only thing we did have that was nasty was the coffee! No where that we went was a the coffee any good! I was so glad to get home to my own coffee and the QT!! And they don't have QT up there either, so I have added another "place not to move to" to my list - topped by SC!!

Glad to be home/ tomorrow Gali has a game at 9 am and then going to knit group. Hope this weekend doesn'r fly by!!!

later ~

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