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Monday, June 2, 2008

Moving is behind us!

Am so very glad that the move is done! What an awesome group of guys from the church came to help! Thanks so much to Eddie for bringing the BIG truck! And to David and Deanna (what would I do without you two! Don't even want to think about it!!), Frank and his kids - can I have some of their energy?, Darrell - I am so sorry about your back - Fabio - even though you were late enough to get 1 bx, you seemed to make up for it in the unpacking!, (Unlike Weyman, who did the drive by!), and to my son Andy and his wife Cassie and even Gali - you guys were a great big help on the receiving end, and I do thank you so much!! And I love you all so very much!! Even Gali was a big help, and I cannot believe how fast everyone unloaded the truck!! AWESOME!!!!
To all who helped in any way, thank you so much, and I know that God will bless you. I know that I do have the BEST community group ever!!!
So now we are residents of Porterdale - the yarn stash is unpacked (the most important thing). I did find the tote that had my underwear in it, so that is a good thing! I still have to get some dressers for clothes so that I will not be living in the house of blue totes forever! But God (through Jessica and Frank) is providing me with a new bed - the box spring on the double bed is broken, as I found out the last 2 nights! Oh well!
Still knitting fishies and a shawl. No cable so I do have plenty of knitting time - however, Zuma is about to kill me!

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The Hodges Five said...

We used the fish yesterday and love them! We just love your homemade surprises they are so special to us and will be kept and treasured forever because Mommy says that a lot of love, time, and hard work go into them.
Thanks so much,
Evan, Ella, Elijah