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Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Project

Because of the recent diagnosis of pancreatic cancer that my best friend has gotten, I have started knitting her a prayer shawl, which I hope will comfort her in some way. My heart is broken for her and her family, and she is constantly on my mind, so I think that knitting this will help me too!!
So no more little projects for a while (1 exception), because I must concentrate on her shawl. I am also knitting her a cloth called "Feathers of Hope". We all need hope! And I think that hers is pretty thin right now. She is a strong woman, and has always been the backbone of her family and friends. She has always helped others, and is having to take help now - which she does not like at all! She has been a great friend to me for almost 4 years, and I have learned a lot from her - in words and her actions.
If you believe, please say a prayer for Nan - and if you don't - shame on you!!

However, Saturday I am going to start a sock class with my knitting group. Margaret from Monroe will be our teacher and I am so excited about it. Watch out, Arabela, Gali, Ella, Elijah, and Evan - socks may come your way!!!

Work is going to be busier and busier because of Nan's illness. So I am sure my knitting time will be limited. But my main focus is on the shawl right now.


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Hodges Five said...

Wintertime will be here before we know it...and we'll need socks to keep those precious toes warm!!!