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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am back!

and hopefully will have my own internet soon. Ivana keeps at me to update the blog so here goes.
I CAN KNIT SOCKS!!! I am so excited about this - and if you are a member of my family and you are reading this, yes, you will be receiving socks for Christmas, so sned me your shoe size. Keeps me out of Walmart and the mall and in the yarn shops!!
Arabela has not one but 2 teeth - at the age of 5 months! She is absolutely brilliant - just like her grand mother! And beautiful too! Latest picture is on this blog!!!!
Also dealing with a tear in my meniscus - right knee - most painful! 6 weeks so far on crutches! YUK!!! Makes work interesting for sure.
And because of my co-worker and friend's diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, I have a doubled workload. So the last 6 weeks have been interesting - to say the least!!
So that's all for now - back to sock knitting!


Cronitty lady said...

Thanks God!!!!! :-)
I'm glad you are back.

Hodges Five said...

Come on...more updates! LOL