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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


And it's 9 days to Christmas - bah! Humbug! I can't wait until Christmas comes so I can see our family pictures taken a couple of weeks ago - me, amanda, andy, cassie, debbie, and all 4 of the grands! I am so excited - I have been wanting this done for oh so long, and my amanda has done it and it is my Christmas present - I better get the DVD player and movie I asked for too!!!
The on the 26th, the grandsons and I have a road trip to Ohio to see their dad and probably have another Christmas of sorts - of course, after driving 10 hours, I will have collapsed and died! I am looking forward to the trip to see my son and his "new" family, as well as getting to do some things I didn't last year (Knitter's Mercantile, here I come!!!) and repeating some others (Schmidts in German Village). So all in all I am hoping for a good holiday - the best part will be time off from work.
Arabela is 8 months old and has 6 teeth! She is cutest!!
Later ~ Gotta go knit!!

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Cronitty lady said...

I hope you will have a lots of fun for Christmas with your family.
I enjoyed a lot on Sunday. Your daughters was great. She really has a gift for dance and acting.