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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July is ending ...

already, and it has been a month of mixed emotions, lots of work, and goodbyes.

Work is consuming a lot of time. I have the greatest boss in the whole world, and she is helping me get the AL audits done. We have been working it this way for the last year, and she is a wonder!!
And then the stomach flu hit - her first and then me. I hate stomach flu!! I am feeling better and will work today. The last 2 days were shaky - I didn't dare leave the house!! So it's back to the grind!!

And we lost Nan two weeks ago. My head knows that she is healed and she is whole and that she is with Jesus. But my heart hurts! I still want to call her and talk, but she isn't there to talk to. I want to go get her paperwork and take it to the pharmacy, but there is no paperwork to pick up!! It is still surreal to me, but I am hoping for closure tomorrow ~ Pat and I are going to clean out her office. I guess that is what it is going to take for me to really accept her passing. I just thank God for having had her in my life. She taught me a lot ~ not just about work but about how to live your life.

I am knitting a sun top for Arabela. It is a quick knit and I think it will be so cute!! I have the back done and it didn't really take long at all. It is a Lion Brand pattern, and it is so easy. It called for cotton ease, but I used peaches 'n creme - of course.


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