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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday - THANK GOD!!!!

Oh yes! Saturday - not working at all except knitting and cook. Oh yeah - I guess I better go get groceries too, since there are only a couple of packages of frozen lasagna in the freezer!
It has been an awfully long week. I had to go out of town to do pre-survey for 2 nursing homes (I am a QA consultant for a long term care pharmacy) and then was in the office for 11 hours straight yesterday. I was soooo ready to leave last night! I has been a hard week too - I am so tired!
Not much done on baby blanket this week, so I must get to work on it this weekend. While travelling, I prefer taking small projects along so I knitted a pair of baby boooties in my down time this week. The pattern is Fan and Feather, which I had used for the booties for my soon to come granddaughter. The other pair is for baby Silas, who is 4 months old and is outgrowing all of his little socks!! I used the F & F, but knitted where the pattern goes and they made a pretty good looking pair of "boy" booties - I cannot see his daddy letting him wear booties with a lace pattern!!
Tomorrow is our church's 3rd anniversary and we will do what all good church people do to celebrate - have a covered dish after service. All I have to do is figure out what to make - it will either be chocolate pies or brownies with a layer of chocolate bars in the middle - both recipes courtesy of my favorite Food Network star - Paula Deen. Hmmm...decisions, decisions! Maybe I will make both - they are soooo easy!
Time to get ready for my day! Knitting group is this morning - the highlight of my week!!

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