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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knit Group Day!!!!!!

which means it is SATURDAY!!! NO WORK TODAY!!! After one puts in 50 to 60 hours of work and driving in a week, one gets excited about a little down time!!
And knitting group is today so I will be working on the booties that got the best of me earlier this week. Isn't it funny how a grown woman can get so obsessed over something that should be so simple, but gets the best of her!! It just goes to prove what I always say, you really gotta watch the easy ones - they are the ones that will bite you in the you know where!!
Really bad weather here last night. We had high winds and hail and terrible storms. There was a tornado that touched down in Atlanta - downtown!! It looks like a war zone on tv so I am sure it's a lot worse in person. SEC basketball tournament was at the Ga Dome, but they have had to move it over to Ga. Tech because of the damage. Also, World Congress Center, Philips Arena, Omni Hotel, CNN Center, and two of the torches at Centennial Olympic Park were knocked down! Lots of really bad damage including windows blown out of skyscrapers in downtowwn area. It's a mess!!
So far no fatalities - thank God!
Hopefully things will calm down for today - we are still supposed to have more storms this afteroon.
So today is knitting group day - then the plan is to stay home and knit the rest of the day! And I get my haircut later this afternoon too! How about a friend who comes to your house and cuts your hair for you! SANDY ROCKS!!!
Oh yeah - laundry too. BUMMER!!!

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