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Sunday, April 27, 2008


...and I hate it that the weekend is almost gone and I have to go to work tomorrow morning. Since I was travelling last week and didn't get home until after 7:00 Friday night, it just doesn't seem like a real weekend at all. Did get to go to knitting group yesterday, and that was fun. I love getting away with knitting friends for a little while - they understand me!!
Church today and then home for a little knitting before I go over to a friend's house for Greek Easter - a lot of food and good friends. DD will be going to Six Flags. There is a probability (not possibility) of thunder storms today, so I don't know how the Six Flags trip will go. A new fella!! Hope they get along well.
OTN - I am a little lazy! Only 3 projects!!! I have a dishcloth pattern that is super easy that I have just found so I am working on that. Also the "class socks" remain OTN and I have to get up the nerve to go back to them - am at the heel stage.
Also am working on the oven hanger that I ordered from Rachel. I had started it in white, frogged that one, and started it again in red PnC cotton. I need to finish it so I can start on the placemats that I want to make using the mauve PnC that I got this week. I ordered 2 cones from Elmore Pisgah. The other one is shrimp, and both are so much prettier in person than in the picture. I really do love the Pnc cotton yarns. They are so soft and I think that the colors are gorgeous. I love opening that package when it arrives, and cannot wait to get a project OTN with it! Unfortunately, the needles that I am using for the oven hanger are the ones that I will have to use for the placemats, so I have to finish the oven hanger before I can start on the placemants!! Or make anoter trip to Michaels = which I really do not have time for!!
Well, time to get ready for church and the day. Later~

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