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Sunday, May 4, 2008


This past week has been a long one. I don't know if it was because it was an easy week or if it was because payday was Friday! In either case, I was glad to see it go!
I have finished a knitted rabbit for my granddaughter, Gali, and she now wants 3 more. I also gave her the "Bubbles" cloth that I made in white as a practise cloth. She loves it! So now I am working on another "Bubbles" for a friend at work who loves to fish! It is in Sea Mist, and is cute as it can be. Also, got a new pattern for a scarf that I think is so cute! I am going to knit it in the shrimp PnC yarn that I bought a cone of just because I like the color.
Also found a house to move into yesterday. I can afford the rent and it is a small, old house, but it is big enough. I want to get in there by June 1. So I have already started packing up books, and have more boxes coming Monday.
Knitting group was neat yesterday. We had 3 students from Oxford College and one of the profs join us. We had a great time. Went and picked up Gali after and she and I spent the afternoon together. She may be a knitter because she tried!! Now that would be too cool!! She is only 7, but there is time!
Got to see the baby last night and hold her for a while. She is so alert and wants to see everything that is going on around her! She is trying to hold her head up, and likes to be held facing front! And her hiccups are so funny! She hiccups like a big kid!! She looks at you so intently when you talk to her, that you think that she really understands and is taking it all in! And her hair is so funny! It was sticking straight up last night. She looks so much like her Daddy it isn't even funny!
Well, back to knitting before church.
Later ~

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